Options Pop- How Little Options Made Big Profits In 7 Days

Options Pop is a service that provides options trading signals and alerts to help traders make informed decisions in the options market. It’s designed to help traders identify potential profitable options trades by analyzing market trends and providing timely alerts on trading opportunities. Options Pop may offer insights into various options strategies, market conditions, and potential trade setups, aiming to assist traders in maximizing their returns and managing risk effectively in the options market.

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Why Investors Buy Options?

In the stock and option’s market, the biggest profits come from owning Call or Put options. 

The reason is because buying options have high risk and high reward.

Call Option buyers make the most money when the stock rises in price.

Put Option buyers make the most money when the stock drops in price.

OptionsPop.com uses just one simple strategy – 

Buy Call or Put Options on certain

stocks and sell them within 2 to 9 days!

The Option Buyer’s Advantage

Traders use options because they want a huge return in exchange for a little investment.

  Here’s an example…

  Let’s say you discovered Tesla (stock ticker symbol TSLA ) was great to trade because the stock was about to make a big move up and you bought 100 shares of the stock. 

  Since each share is trading at $120 a share, it would cost you $12,000 to buy 100 shares of TSLA.

  Now let’s say that right after you buy TSLA it jumps up in price by thirteen dollars ($13.00 ) per share. 

 When the price of the stock went up thirteen dollars per share, you made $13.00 on each of your 100 shares for a gain of 10.8% 

  Let’s start over and say you want to use options on TSLA instead. An “option” gives you the right… but not the obligation… to buy shares of the stock.  

   Let’s say you buy a TSLA for $2.25. Each option contract equals 100 shares of stock, so 1 contract would cost you $2.25.  

  Staying with the example, when the stock price of TSLA jumped up by thirteen dollars in one day…. the price of the TSLA Call options went from $1.25 cents to $15.50.  Your gain here is 588% compared to 10.8%.

588% Return On 1 Trade In 24 Hours!

  That’s an options “pop.”  

 It’s the power of leverage and it’s the main reason why so many traders prefer trading options rather than stocks.

The Disadvantages To Buying Options

1. If you buy an option, your biggest risk is that the underlying stock does not move in your direction… or moves against your direction. In which case, the value of the option you bought goes down.

2. If you buy an option and the stock stays in a narrow price range through the option’s expiration, the option will expire worthless.

That’s why the underlying stock you bought an option on MUST move in your direction with 2 to 10 days. Otherwise the option will go down in price. Maybe to zero.

What is the risk?

That is a great question and the straight answer is you risk 100% of the money you use to make the trade.

These can be high risk trades.

Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

You need to know that up front because your max loss is the amount you use to make the trade and you can limit that loss using a stop loss order”.

Our goal is to select stocks that have a high probability of moving up or down in 2 to 9 days and alerting you to the best options to use on that stock.

Will Options Pop Help You?

Will Options Pop help you make profits with low price options?

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